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RHL Brigadier Type 3 layflat fire hose

RHL Brigadier Type 3 layflat fire hose

Update Terakhir 16 / 02 / 2021
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Detail RHL Brigadier Type 3 Layflat Fire Hose

RHL Brigadier Type 3 layflat fire hose / Selang Pemadam Kebakaran

Our Brigadier Type 3 layflat fire hose is a general purpose
all synthetic heavy duty layflat delivery hose complying
with BS 6391 Type 3 and other international standards.
The hose is a high quality Nitrile-synthetic rubber which is
extruded through the weave giving a ‘Unified’ construction.
External ribs offer further resistance to abrasion and ease
of handling. This hose requires no drying after use

The hose jacket is a 100% polyester high
tenacity yarn with circular woven.
The unified construction is made of a high
quality Nitrile synthetic rubber. Resistant
to ozone and to external contact with oil
products. The inner lining guarantees a
smooth surface and low friction loss.
A heavy duty hose – very high abrasion
resistance and extremely long service life.
Resistant to oil, fuel and chemical products.
Lightweight and flexible – kink resistant.
Minimum maintenance and easy to clean.
Cold resistant to – 30 °C.
Heat resistant up to + 80 °C.
Easy to repair - repair material
and vulcanizer on request.