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  • Pompa punggung Scotty 15 Ltr

Pompa Punggung Scotty 15 Ltr

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04 / 04 / 2023
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 Kami Menjual Alat - alat Pemadam Kebakaran dan Rescue yang berlokasi di Jawa Timur

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Detail Pompa Punggung Scotty 15 Ltr

Detail Jual Pompa Punggung Scotty, Pompa Pemadam, pompa air

4000-BP Water Hand Pump and Backpack
4000 Water Hand Pump only
4002A Water/Foam Backpack only
4062 4ft. Pick-up Hose


• Includes Hand Pump, 5 gallon (19 L) Backpack, 4 foot Pick-up Hose and
pressure nozzle.

• Single action pump with a brass inner chamber and piston.

• Incorporates easy to pump "Duckbill" checkvalve system.

• Outer sleeve made of super tough, engineering-grade polymer making it
durable and lightweight.

• No tools required for in-the-field disassembly for maintenance.

• Includes 4 foot pick-up hose with Quick Connect Shut-Off and Pump

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