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  • Pompa Jinjing Honda GXH50 Aussie

Pompa Jinjing Honda GXH50 Aussie

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30 / 10 / 2023
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 Kami Menjual Alat - alat Pemadam Kebakaran dan Rescue yang berlokasi di Jawa Timur

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Detail Pompa Jinjing Honda GXH50 Aussie


pompa kebakaran hutan dan lahan

Cocok untuk pemadaman lahan / hutan, ringan dibawa dan efisien.

Product Description:
pompa centrifugal
 Water transfer
 Diesel fuel transfer (Nitrile seals standard)
 Mop up/fire fighting
 Irrigation
 Spraying
Optional Accessories:
 Heavy duty suction hose 38mm (1.5”)
 Medium pressure lay-flat hose, 100 psi working pressure
 High flow aluminium diesel transfer fuel nozzle
 High Flow fuel meter
 Diesel compatible fuel transfer hose 25mm (1”)
 Fire fighting nozzles
 Five year pump warranty
 Lightweight, portable
 Fast self priming from 8 metres
 Replaceable suction cover and discharge elbow (not QP1)
 QP154 series discharge can be rotated
 Available with Robin or Honda lightweight petrol engines
 Robust open impeller
 Free strainer and coupling kit
 QP154SX kit includes a free 1” reducer to enable it to be used with 1” hose
» Great quality … use with confidence
» Units weigh from only 5.3 kgs
» Ready to pump in minimum amount of time
» Easily replaced if thread damaged, easy to service check valve without dismantling pump
» Bi-directional outlets provides convenience
» Tried and proven with established service networks throughout the world
» Feet absorb vibration - stable in operation
» Can be used to transfer water or for mop up fire fighting duties
» Passes small solids in suspension
» Convenience … cost saving
» Makes pump adaptable

INFO : 081 331 368 535 WA + CALL
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