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19 / 03 / 2023
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 Kami Menjual Alat - alat Pemadam Kebakaran dan Rescue yang berlokasi di Jawa Timur

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OFI - Fire Blanket is a type of specially treated fiberglass satin

texture, it is a simple tool can put out fire at the fire control

system. Fire Blanket can be widely used in corporation,

supermarket, shipping, car and house, etc. It especially use in

kitchen, hotel, recreation ground, gas station, etc. That can easy to

be on fire area, react on put out on fire, prevention and cure the

fire overspread, protection and flee for one's life.


Fire Blanket like silk with compact structure, smooth, softness, it

will not harm the user’s skin. Being 0.3 mm thick, but it can

resistant to high temperature up to 755℃. t can effectively protect

human and object far from heat sources and spark-spreading zone

and block the burning. 


At the earliest on fire, please directly put Fire Blanket over the fire,

it can put out the fire at little time. Being soft and ductile, Fire

Blanket is the ideal packing material to wrap the objects and

equipment with rough surface, it can be widely use in the frame

work and repair work in the shipbuilding industry, and also in heatisolation,

insulation and welding in the petrochemical Industry,

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